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Reflective Journal – Week 4

September 16, 2019

1.What did you actually learn from the unit.

I learned that teamwork is hard. It was interesting to learn from different people’s perspectives particularly in how to actually do some of the activities we did this week on our online activity. It was interesting to see how some people lead different activities. Some had us all read the assignment then we all shared how we thought we should go about the activity, some just told the group how we would do the activity, and some told the group how we would do it, but wanted input on whether they thought it should be implemented differently. I think teamwork is just always eye-opening. Every time I do new team activities with a new team, I learn different ways to do different activities. When I read the activities, I thought I understood how they would be implemented, but it was cool to hear how other people decided to do the activities. 

2.Discuss your feelings/experiences from the team activities? Did it change your opinion on the subject? If so, how? If not, why?

The team activities were good but also hard. It was a little difficult to discuss the activities online, and through multiple different mediums. We used google hangouts, google docs, and some Facebook messenger to communicate during the team activities. It was hard to decide how to do some activities when the leaders were indecisive when leading the activity. Some teammates were also not very involved, so it was hard to be excited about participating in the activities. I just learned again that communication is key in teamwork. It also is much more fun when your teammates are just as involved as you are in the activity rather than having a “let’s just get this done” attitude. I do think that my opinion changed on the subject. Teamwork sometimes is something I don’t think a lot about, or don’t consider it’s importance, but I think that teamwork is important when we are need to work together toward a common goal.

3.How you will utilize the information learned in your nursing practice.

I will utilize this information by being better prepared as a leader before I get people together for an activity. I will better research the activity and be prepared to answer any questions that come. I will also work on my attitude as I believe that the leader’s attitude will guide the attitude of the team. As a nurse, I want to have a positive attitude moving forward in work and while working as a team, and I want to work hard to communicate with teammates so that we are all on the same page and working toward the same goal.

4.Your personal feelings about the material covered.

I think that teamwork is ultimately very important when working with a team in any setting. Getting to know people in a less formal setting is a great way to feel connected to people in your group and feel more comfortable working toward the same goal. I think that when we are faced with challenges as a team and need to learn how to communicate through team activities, we are better able to face future challenges as a team.

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